We are pioneer in hair transplantation in India. We offer best hair transplant services with global standards and optimum quality. Our team offer iBioFUE which is offered by only few clinics across the world which ensures best results. We have 9 years of experience and completed 2000 hair transplant surgeries across the globe. We offer

  1. FUT (Follucular Unit Transplant - Strip Method)
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extracton - Direct Extractiona Method)
  3. COMBI ( FUT & FUE done on same day)
  4. iBioFue (Improvized and advanced FUE)
  5. BHT (Body Hair Transplant - Donor from beard and chest)
  6. FACIAL HAIR TRANSPLANT (Eye brow, Beard & Mostach hair transplants)